America’s Job Exchange To Usher in New Era

Career Management Portal Steps In To Succeed America’s Job Bank Upon Its Closure Andover, MA. June 27, 2007 — America’s Job Exchange (, powered by NaviSite, Inc., today announced that its online job board continues to generate excitement among job seekers and employers as the U.S. Department of Labor’s America’s Job Bank (AJB) nears dissolution on June 30. Launched by the original developers and operators of AJB since its inception in 1995, America’s Job Exchange (AJE) is the logical successor for providing the preeminent one-stop source for online job search, career expertise, and job postings for job seekers and employers. More than 1,000 large employers and several states are migrating their job postings to America’s Job Exchange. As AJB shuts down this week, those who relied on the site are now turning to America’s Job Exchange ( to take advantage of this trustworthy, one-stop career management portal. America’s Job Exchange offers a truly unique experience with easy to use job search and posting functions and all the same free services as AJB – plus multiple enhancements and an ambitious expansion plan for the future.

“We’re committed to making the transition to America’s Job Exchange as smooth as possible for employers and job seekers who have come to rely on AJB,” said Denis Martin, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at NaviSite. “Our experience and track record in the online job search market assure users that America’s Job Exchange is uniquely qualified to fill the void that will be left by AJB.” America’s Job Exchange will offer the same broad portfolio of services, ease of use, and dependability that users enjoyed with the AJB site, which reached more than 7,000,000 job seekers, 475,000 employers and housed more than 2,000,000 job postings.

In addition, America’s Job Exchange will continue enabling employers to meet Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs requirements, while job seekers will benefit from free access to thousands of jobs from government, non-profit, and large and small employers in their local areas and nationally. In the coming months, America’s Job Exchange plans to introduce value-added services such as resume writing, continuing education, personality tests, salary information, and other highly-relevant content to help job seekers achieve and exceed their career goals. AJE is also planning to introduce a series of enhanced services for employers, including premium placement for sponsored jobs, employer branding services, searchable resume databases, background checks, and other valuable capabilities designed to help employers find the best candidates for their jobs.

America’s Job Exchange welcomes employers and job seekers to visit the site and take advantage of its comprehensive capabilities by signing up at About America’s Job Exchange America’s Job Exchange is the online job search and posting site based upon the technology and user experience that NaviSite developed and delivered while operating America’s Job Bank since its inception in 1995. America’s Job Exchange builds upon the comprehensive functionality that AJB users found indispensable, while offering additional, enhanced features, and a simpler user experience for employers and job seekers.

Employers enjoy AJE’s simple posting capabilities, access to a broad base of job seekers, and support for federal compliance requirements, while job seekers take advantage of AJE’s fast and easy search functions and valuable career management tools. America’s Job Exchange is the one-stop online job board that promises to “Change your World.” For more information, please visit:

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