Daily Jobs: Harrisburg, PA

So, after seeing that in three days, I’ve had 100 twitter updates, I decided to redo how we post our daily jobs from around the country. I’m going to compile them all into a single job post, and send out a twitter link to that blog post. So, without further ado, here are today’s jobs, which come to you from Harrisburg, PA and the surrounding area. Computer Jobs: Web Developer for RR Donnelley in Lancaster, PA Construction Jobs: Construction Inspector for RETTEW Associates in Lancaster Education Jobs: Educational Consultant Business Jobs: HR Manager for Pratt and Whitney, Middleton, PA Photography Jobs: Photographer for The Picture People, in Camp Hill Mechanic Jobs: Home Appliance Repair Technician for Sears Healthcare Jobs: Dentist at Aspen Dental Legal Jobs: Legal Assistant for AppleOne Nursing Jobs: Staff Nurse for Penn State S. Hershey Medical Center Sales Jobs:Region Director of Retail Sales for Kraft Food And as always, there are more where that came from! Just go to http://www.americasjobexchange.com and perform your own search! Good luck, everyone.

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