Employers: Should you reject people who aren’t LinkedIn?

Nowdays, just about everyone has a presence on some social networking site or other. Even my grandmother is on facebook! It’s no secret that many employers look through the various social networks to find out more information about their candidates. Well, I was reading up on LinkedIn today, and I came across an interesting post on examiner.com about some hiring managers not even considering people who don’t have at least two recommendations on LinkedIn. The article goes on to make an impassioned argument against this kind of policy. While obviously biased, it’s an interesting little article about not putting too much stake in social media during the hiring process, but making sure to take into consideration other things. How much stake do you as a hiring manager put into social networking, both good things and bad things? Do you check out a candidates presence online before or after speaking with them? What do you think about the points raised in this article?

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