Where would you invest now?

If you are wondering if where you should be investing in the middle of this economic downturn, the answer is simple – now is the time to invest in your career. The one investment that consistently beats returns in equity, income or real estate is the investment in education. Your career is an asset, similar to stocks or home, that can significantly increase in value if you invest time and money. Alan B. Krueger, professor of economics at the Princeton University, says that up to a point, an additional year of schooling is likely to raise an individual’s earnings about 10 percent. Not just income. Data also suggests that overall risk of unemployment drops as education rises. (See Study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Here at America’s Job Exchange, we not only help you find a job when out of work or looking for a change, we are also working to put together a platform where you can find education opportunities that can shape your career. We are excited to launch our Education Center today along with the announcement of our partnership with Education Dynamics. It connects you with more than 1,800 institutions of higher education. We have a lot more to do, but I am thrilled that we could get it started now. Keep your eyes out over the next 60 days for additions and improvements to the Education Center. Why wait when you have a great investment right in front of you? – Rathin Sinha, President, America’s Job Exchange

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