Who are the America’s Job Exchange Job Seekers?

There are numerous resources on the internet for employers looking to post jobs and find superstar employees to complete their team. Any good employee search strategy will undoubtedly include many of them. Whether you choose one tool over the other depends largely on the job seeker base that a job site reaches out to, right? So we wanted to give you an overview of our typical job seekers and the types of jobs they’re looking for, so you can make the most informed choice in deciding what online job resources to use. America’s Job Exchange receives more than 1 million visitors every month, which ranks us in the top fifteen among online job boards. We have over 600,000 registered job seekers, and nearly 400,000 resumes posted. What’s more, we reach a targeted group of people, all looking for similar levels of jobs. Most of our job seekers are:

  • 25-49 years old
  • College-educated
  • Non-executives looking for under $100,000/year
  • High percentage of minorities and women

What’s more, 50% of our job seekers are currently out of a job, which means that when they’re looking at your job, or when you’re looking at their resume, there’s a greater likely-hood of them taking a job with your company. Many of the larger job sites out there have such a wide user-base that it’s impossible to tell how effective all of your views. At America’s Job Exchange, you know that your jobs are getting put in front of the right people, the people who are looking for your type of job, because those are the people that we serve. And that specification means a higher return on your investment, and greater chance of finding that superstar employee. Find out more reasons to use America’s Job Exchange. And if you haven’t yet, join the newly created LinkedIn group “I post jobs on America’s Job Exchange.”

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