New York City Dry Cleaners Helping Out Job Seekers

As with most of my news, I found an interesting article while scrolling through my twitter feeds. Fox News ran a story this morning about a New York City Dry Cleaner with an interesting sign in the window, saying that if you are getting your suit cleaned for an interview, they will clean it for FREE! Now, this got me thinking about what else people are doing to help people try to land that dream job or keep going until they do. I know at America’s Job Exchange, we’re actively pursuing partnerships to build out the content of our site with additional resources for people trying to find jobs. Our recent partnership with EducationDynamics for an Education Center is an example of that. What are other people doing to help one another find jobs or make it through their dreary days of unemployment? I’ve been looking around the net for some more examples.

These are what I’ve found so far. Strangers Lend a Hand to Job Seekers: Wall Street Journal This article talks about a couple successful people who are taking time to work one on one with individual job seekers, and helping them to find jobs, or prepare their resumes. Interestingly, both of these individuals have found people to help using social networking; one using twitter, one using LinkedIn. Churches helping Job Seekers: Atlanta Journal-Constitution This article covers the work that some churches in Atlanta are doing to help job seekers.

Many are apparently holding free workshops to go over job hunting basics, like creating resumes, searching for jobs, interviewing strategies, etc. Group Helps Disabled With Interviewing Skills: This article talks about a group called Preferred Alternatives who are helping people with disabilities train for the job search and ultimately find a job. They work on things like interviewing skills and resume writing, and ultimately building confidence. According the article, 14% of people with disabilities are unemployed. That was just a quick search of the internet news. I want to hear from other people though. Has anyone heard any stories of people helping job seekers find jobs, strangers helping strangers, that sort of thing? In economic times like these, it’s always great to find the heart-warming stories in the world. Leave me a comment, or let me know on twitter.

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