Daily Jobs: Washington DC

In honor of the Obamas’ new dog who recently moved to the White House, today’s daily jobs are coming from Washington, DC. A few months ago in DC, there were a huge number of job changes in the political arena, as the new President and his administration took power. However, even with the new jobs, the unemployment rate in DC was around 9% in March, higher than the national average. Here’s some help for those of you starting the work week looking for a job in DC. Engineering Job: Engineer 2 in Rockville, MD for Boston Properties Journalism Job: Reporter – GSN for the Atlantic Media Company in Washington DC. Business Job: Vice President of Acquisitions for Ibus Management and Development in Washington DC. Social Services Job: Caseworker for First Home Care in Alexandria, VA Computer Job: Manager, Computer Systems for Everest Software in Dulles, VA Construction Job: Journeyman Electrician for Chenega Corporation in Fort Belvoir, VA Healthcare Job: Dietitian at Andrews Air Force Base Legal Jobs: Legal Assistant for Pepco Holdings in Washington DC Science Job: Scientists – Radiation Detection for Cleared Connections in Fort Belvoir, VA Sales Job: District Sales Manager for Norvatis Vaccines and Diagnostics in Washington, DC

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