Daily Jobs: Honolulu, HI

Well, we haven’t crossed any oceans yet with daily jobs, so I thought that it was time to reach out to our far-reaching sister-state of Hawaii. I know most of us head over to Hawaii to relax, do some surfing, do some hiking, and generally try to forget that sometime within the next 6 months it’s probably going to snow, but people do actually live there and work there! We’ll focus our job search on Honolulu, HI. Photography Job: Field Research Photographer for Costar Group in Honolulu, Hawaii Grounds Job: Cemetery Caretaker for the Federal Government in Honolulu, HI Finance Job: Accounting and Finance for Resources Global Professionals in Honolulu, HI Nursing Job: Nurse Practitioner in Honolulu, HI Computer Job: GCCS Systems Admin for BAE Systems Information Technology in Wahiawa, HI Mechanic Job: HVAC Mech. Apprentice for Johnson Controls in Honolulu, HI Food Services Job: Meat Cutter Worker for the Federal Government at Hickham Air Force Base Legal Job: Attorney General for the Department of the Army at Fort Shafter, HI Science Job: Biological Scientist for the Department of the Army at Pearl Harbor, HI Office Job: Administrative Assistant for the American Diabetes Association in Honolulu, HI

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