Starting a business instead of the Job Search

In reading the news lately, I’ve begun noticing more and more stories about people who were laid off, got frustrated with their job search, and decided to start a business of their own. Here’s an article from today’s Salem News about people starting businesses, from USA Today, and yet another from WSAV. I have to say, I can relate to all of these people. I left a job last December, and while I was searching for a new job, I started freelancing. Well, the full-time job route didn’t work out, but the freelancing did. I’ve picked up a few clients, and I work from an office on the second floor of my house, with my puppies to keep me company.

So far, it’s been a great decision for me, and I am very tempted to keep going at this freelance gig for a long time, and turn it into my own business. I have friends who have started photography businesses, graphic design businesses, even landscaping businesses. The entrepreneur life might not be for everyone, but as many people are finding out, it’s something to at least keep some money coming in during your full-time job search. Who knows, maybe all of these new-found entrepreneurs will help the country escape this recession by creating a whole slew of new jobs! Is there anyone out there who is starting a busines after they got laid off and couldn’t find another job? I’d love to hear from you, and maybe interview you for this blog! Contact me through these comments or on twitter if you’re interested! Would you consider starting a small business if your job search goes on much longer? I’ll try to find some more examples of businesses that started because of the recession. Jean

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