An increase in green jobs coming?

In honor of Earth Day, the Obama Administration has renewed their dedication to creating green jobs all over the country. According to the New York Times, they’re working on pushing through a budget resolution that will potentially create millions of new jobs related to the green industry. If what he says is right, then maybe it’s time for people to start a job search through the green industry. According to the same article, there’s a new plant in Iowa that is producing materials for wind power towers, which is employing 150 people. A report from a Maine non-profit laid out a plan that it says could create 10,000 green jobs in Maine over the next ten years. According to a report by the Blue-Green Alliance, over 82,000 manufacturing jobs could be created by a real investment in green technologies. Is the green industry the answer to the recession, like Roosevelt’s New Deal helped to pull the country out of the Great Depression? I certainly don’t know, but many people are hailing it as such. What do you think? Are green jobs the answer, or are they just a false hope?

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