Cope with the depression of a job search

I don’t have to tell you. Job searches can be frustrating, confusing, and if they go on long enough, down right depressing. People are community and socially oriented people, so when we’re not out there doing something productive, our self-worth drops, and we get depressed, sitting at our computers day after day, alone. It’s important to stave off the depression that can come with a job search, because it can creep into everything you do, and potential employers could notice. Here are a couple of things that you can do to make sure that you stave off depression. Get out of the House This is really the most important tip. Every day, you need to leave your house. It doesn’t really matter where you go, the grocery store, the park, the mall, but just get up and get out. Exercise Two reasons for this.

First, job seekers tend to sit, either on the couch or in a chair, all day. You don’t walk up the stairs to the office, or down the street to lunch, or over to your bosses office for meeting after meeting. Your body is going to get angry with you for this sedentary lifestyle. Second reason is because exercise actually helps to stave off depression. Releasing endorphins into your brain will make you happier, and will help to keep you optimistic. This can be as simple as getting up and walking a mile every day, or taking the dog to the park to the throw the frisbee. Just get active. Find ways to be around people One of the most important parts of any job is interacting with people on a regular basis. And e-mailing and twittering don’t count in this category. Get out and be with people, face to face.

Even if you don’t talk to them, being around people is healthy. You can accomplish two goals at once if you start going to networking meetings. Then you’re around people AND working on getting a job. Leave the TV off Ok, maybe not completely off. But don’t fall into the trap that we all have of turning on the TV and then realizing that it’s 8 hours later. Sure, watch your favorite show or a movie. But don’t watch endless reruns of a TV show that you barely like all day, just to pass the time. This also applies to my own personal weakness, which is video games. Volunteer It doesn’t matter for what. Just get out there and do something for someone else that makes you feel productive.

So at the end of the week, you can look back and say “I accomplished something this week.” If your volunteering is done in a similar field as you’re trying to find a job in, great. But don’t ignore the theraputic abilities of things like walking someone else’s dog or watching your brother’s kids.

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