People helping People

It’s been a long week for a lot of people, me included. Hopefully, today’s examples of people helping people will have us all entering the weekend with smiles on our faces. In a recent post, I talked a bit about ways to stave off the depression that comes along with the job search, and how volunteering can help with that. Well, for today’s people helping people, I decided to expand on that theme and focus on people who are volunteering during their free time. I found an article in Tulsa World that details a few such people. Monica Johnson couldn’t find a job out of college, and didn’t want her 40 hours per week to go to waste. So she started volunteering for a local non-profit, doing marketing and social networking. Becky Mann started volunteering for Catholic Charities.

Another article in the Dallas Morning News supports the same theory, that volunteering can help the jobless feel better about being them. According to the article, the Volunteer Center of Texas has seen a 25% increase in the number of people who are volunteering. Telling quote from the article about volunteering.“It keeps your job skills sharp. It puts you in touch with people who may have job leads. And it gets you through the door if you want to work for a nonprofit,” Julie Thomas, executive directory of the volunteer center, said. “Besides, no one can hunt for a job 24 hours a day and remain sane,” she said. How true. I know that when I first came back to Boston from Los Angeles, I started volunteering my time for a small start-up alternative energy company. It made me feel productive and helped me continue with the rest of my search. So today’s advice: if you’re looking for a job and you’re sick of it, get out there and volunteer. You’ll feel better about yourself.

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