Are jobs increasing anywhere?

Well, as we all know, the unemployment numbers aren’t all that good, though the job losses in April were apparently less than expected, which might mean good things for the not too distant future. We “only” lost 539,000, which is 66,000 less than last month. A step in the right direction. So I asked a question a few weeks ago about what industries, if any, are actually increasing the number of jobs. I posited that green industries would start to become a large employer, but in the short term, I think I’ve found an answer. Apparently since January, the healthcare industry has gained 17,000 jobs per months, many for nurses. Now, this is down from their usual 30,000 per month, but hey, it’s an industry that’s doing comparatively well. Also, apparently the government is doing some serious hiring in preparation for the 2010 census.

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