How often should you post jobs?

Another blog for you employers out there. I spoke with our sales team yesterday, and asked them what sorts of recurring questions they’ve been getting from people interested in posting a job on America’s Job Exchange. One of the most commonly asked questions was “How often should we re-post jobs?” Well, the answer, on the surface, is pretty simple: until you find a superstar candidate. However, as you re-post, you might want to consider rewriting your post to clarify the job more, so that people really know what they’re getting into. If you find yourself with a lot of unqualified candidates to wade through, then the problem might be that you haven’t made your expectations clear enough.

If you’re not getting as many responses as you might like, you might need to adjust your keywords and title to be more engaging. But keep posting until you’ve found the right person. Also, if you do find the right person, and you’ve still got time left on your job posting, then don’t take it down! Keep the post up there so that you can continue collecting resumes.

There are two reasons for this. First, if you ever are hiring for a similar job, then this gives you a base of candidates to start looking through. Second, a surprisingly high percentage of candidates don’t make it pas the first 30 days. If you have to let go your first choice, then it is great to have a collection of candidates you know are interested and available to look through. We’ll have another post for all of you employers out there about how to write an effective job description, but for now, keep posting! The next response might be the right one. In the meantime, you can always contact our friendly neighborhood Sales Team with any further questions about your employee search. 1-866-923-6284

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