How Often Should You Post a Job?

Another question that our sales team says they get a lot from employers is “How often should I post my jobs?” or “How long should I leave a job up?” Well, in short, the answer is as long as it takes to find the right candidate. If after a month you haven’t found the person you’re looking for, then re-post. If you didn’t find the right person because you were getting all kinds of unqualified candidates, then you might want to consider re-writing your job description to attract the right people. Check out our recent post on how to write an effective job description.

Most job boards, including America’s Job Exchange, run jobs for a default of 30 days, and many employee searches take longer than that. Keep the job up as long as you’re looking. You never know who the next person to apply will be. But what if you find the right person, and you’ve still got time left on your job? Many employees decide to remove their postings once they’ve filled the job. Remember, though, you’ve paid for all 30 days.

Why not leave the job up? You’ll continue collecting resumes for your database in case you have another position open up. And don’t forget that a certain percentage of new hires don’t make it past the first 30 days. If you’ve kept the job up through the end of your 30 days, then you’ve got more resumes to explore when you start the search again. -The ideas in this post were suggested by our sales team. If you’ve got any questions about writing job descriptions for America’s Job Exchange, give them a call! 1-866-923-6284

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