SHRM 2009 Reflects the Changing Times

It feels like 2002 at SHRM….. Missing this year:

  • Booths
  • Attendance
  • CEOs
  • Parties
  • Big splash by any one company

Present at show:

  • Reflection
  • Pause
  • Ingenuity
  • Opportunity
  • Desperation, yet with hope

I just returned from SHRM 2009 (the big HR show) in New Orleans, and in one instance the career industry seems to be experiencing a moment of pause due to current economic conditions — yet at the same time, you can see the wheels turning in the minds of the leading brands. What is on their minds?

  1. Through product development or acquisition, how do we make our site a true one-stop destination for job seekers and employers.(on-going concern)
  2. If we do acquire, which smaller sites are ripe for the picking.

However, in these uncertain times, every dollar spent on product development or acquisition does indeed count even more than in the past. Yet, it is, of course, the perfect time to build in preparation of the next Malthusian up-swing. Basketball suite parties have given way to a do-anything-to-survive mentality in this suddenly interesting career space. These days, more sites are banding together, like AJE has done in recent months in key partnerships with long-time career players like HireDiversity, CollegeRecruiter and Corporate Gray Online -to name a few. To get through this, we must come up with new ways to work together. Instead of competing, we need to find ways to complement one another. Now is the time to build and prepare for when the jobs do come back -and they will come back.

It might be 2011, but they will come back and the ride up again will be fun. Re-invention is the word of the day and is on the mind of AJE all the time. How do we keep users engaged on our site longer? How do we create the right value-exchange balance with our users? How do we modify employer products to keep up with the changing landscape? Keep an eye on AJE -changes are happening every week! Tyler Toby VP, Advertising Products AJE

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