Writing Your Resume: Clearly State Your Objective

The objective is one of the top sections of your resume. It is a quick overview of who you are and why a company would want to hire you. Being true to your goals and your skills in your objective can help you find a job that is a good fit for you.

What’s Your Theme? Your objective should be around two or three sentences long. Don’t try and say a lot of things. Instead, take this opportunity to determine an overall goal or theme for your resume. If you’re a nurse, your theme might be to provide care to pre-mature newborns.

Make a Connection Only you know what position you can make your best contribution to. Try to base your objective off of your own experience and achievements that you have written into the other parts of your resume. Doing so will give you concrete examples to discuss with a potential employer. Back to my earlier example, now your internship at the local hospital’s NICU has added value on your resume because you connected this experience to your theme.

Get an Editor Don’t be afraid to ask someone’s opinion. In fact, ask for a lot of opinions. Even if your “editor” is not an English major, after they have read your resume, they should be able to tell you how your theme connects to other areas of your resume and makes if the connections make sense. Also, someone who’s close to you might remember other relevant experience you have, like related volunteer work that you can include in your “Interests” section.

Figuring out your objective takes time. When I wrote mine, I put a lot of effort into it and got great feedback from my family and friends before I finally settled on something I liked. By putting aside some time to work on this important section of your resume, you may find that writing the rest comes easier now that you have focus. At America’s Job Exchange, we want to help you find your dream job. For more tips on writing your resume, check out the Resume Writing Tips section of our website.

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