Employers: The who, what and why of writing a job description

Let’s be honest, writing a job description can be a tedious, time consuming task. However there are a few simple things you can do when writing a job description to make it a little less daunting. Here we will talk about what you should include when posting your opening – the Who, What and Why.

Who – Who is your company, what you are about? You will want to start off by telling the prospective job seekers who your company is and any information you think would be useful to the job seeker. Has your company been recognized as a top employer to work for? Add that. Are you the leader in your industry? Add that. You are selling who your company is and what your company is about to potential, future employees. Try to keep this brief, but make sure to cover important highlights. This should be a concise overview of your company before the meat of your posting to get job seekers interested. A couple lines should do the trick.
What – What is the job, what is it about? Next on the job description agenda is to talk about what the job is. Start off with the job title and then an overview of the job functions, responsibilities, and skills/requirements. Here you want to be as detailed as possible and use as many keywords you can think of to make it easy for job seekers to find your job posting online when they are searching. Having a hard time creating the functions/job duties for the position? Consider using our online job builder tool located on the third step in the job posting process. With a couple of clicks you will have a pre built starting point of keywords to use, and basic job duties which you can expand on to personalize the job description to your requirements.
Why – Why would a job seeker want to apply? Lastly you will want to detail why a job seeker would want to come to your company. Sell yourself! What are the great benefits of working for your company? Do you offer a 401K? Health insurance? Write it all down and promote the benefits of working for your company. A couple of lines will sum it up and your job posting will be done.

Remember, keep it simple for yourself – save your Who and Why for future job openings, and use our job builder when building your What. With these tips, writing a job description won’t seem so tedious the next time you are hiring. Ashley Bosselait Manager, Customer Care America’s Job Exchange

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