First Month of 2010 Almost in the Books

As we round out the first month of a new decade, what have we learned about getting out from behind, as I like to call it, this “Great Recession?” One thing is for sure – not much has changed with the unemployment outlook – we are still staring down a double digit unemployment rate, with many major cities watching a rise in the number of unemployed per job opening. However, what we do see is stabilization beginning to occur in the job market.The reason I say this is because January is always the best month of the year in the career space as far as online traffic is concerned. We are having a great traffic month on AJE – as expected this time of year. It is great to see a jump after the seasonal traffic decline we always experience over the holiday months. People are coming to AJE more often and staying longer thanks to the content improvements we have made over the last year.

You can look at career sites as a barometer to the employment market, especially the leading niche career sites to help gauge which job sectors are heating up and which ones are cooling down. Fortunately, AJE has forged relationships with many of these leading niche career sites. We promote our partner jobs in the many Career Exchanges on AJE. Some of the most popular are the Diversity, Veterans and Seniorsexchanges. AJE has a very large diversity and veteran audience, so these areas of the site are consistently active. Also, the Seniors Exchange is growing at a good rate, due in large part to the baby boomers starting to move into that group.


Here at AJE, we are optimistic about 2010, with the great start to the year in increased traffic and the growing number of jobs on our site from our direct clients and from our partners’ clients. No one said this age of great economic challenge was going to be easy, but if the first month of this new decade is any indication of what’s next – things are looking up. Check out the new exchanges at this location — Tyler Toby VP, Advertising & Business Development America’s Job Exchange


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