You love your job, so why update your resume?

As I mentioned in my post, New Year, New Resume, even if you love your job, which we’re happy to hear, it won’t hurt to spend a few minutes each month to consider the following. Why is my job so great? How do I contribute to my team and company? There are several reasons to do this.

  1. Boost your self-esteem There are days when I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything! We all go through that. Just keep in mind, not every project can be finished within an 8 hour period. Sometimes projects take days, weeks or months to complete. If you keep a running list of your accomplishments, you can look back on it and see what you were able to get done over the past few months or years. You may be surprised. As career expert, Sue Frederick suggested in her article, I Know What You’re Thinking (And So Does Your Boss), keeping a positive attitude at work is important. If a small thing such as this could keep your spirits up, why not try it? When you see a list of what you have been able to do over time, your positive attitude could motivate you to complete a difficult project or to take on more challenging work, proving why you are an asset to your company.
  2. Document, document, document! When it comes time for your annual review, take advantage of having your list of accomplishments, or a summary from your resume of what you have done in your job. Documenting what you’re doing as you go can give you lots of great examples to back up why you should get credit for going above and beyond your minimum job requirements. By ensuring that your reviews reflect the work that you have done, you can feel good about them. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of this positive energy and ask for a raise or other compensation. Even if you wait several months, you can at least be confident that you have documentation to support why you deserve to be rewarded for your great work.
  3. Be prepared Even though this may not be something you are thinking about just now, at some point in the future, it will be time to make a change. To make the transition to searching for a job easier, you can have something written out about your current job. Even if when the time comes, it needs some adjustment, that’s ok! It’s usually easier to edit than to write from scratch, so think of this as a jumping point.

When you are ready to create or update your online resume, our online Resume Builder tool can help you to create a resume from scratch, or use the Resume Upload feature, if you already have a document prepared. Check out other posts in my section of the AJE blog for more helpful tips. Best wishes! Amie

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