Who is your company? (What you are about)

In my previous post, Employers: The who, what and why of writing a job description, I gave a high level overview on how to write a job posting and what information you may want to include that can help attract top quality candidates to your company. I want to dive a little bit more into who you are as a company, why it is important to talk about it when writing your job description and tools we have available to highlight your company. There are few things you may want to tell job seekers about in order to draw attention to your company. For example, why they should apply to you and not your competitor in the industry? A job seeker would like to know if you are the leader in your industry, are you the top? Are you a growing company in this economy? Tell them what you do and who you are as a company. A great example is America’s Job Exchange’s company description, below: America’s Job Exchange, a subsidiary of NaviSite, is a top 12 on-line job search site in the US. It attracts more than a million monthly visitors and close to 10 million page views. More than 35,000 businesses use America’s Job Exchange for various recruiting and brand solutions such as Job Postings, Resume Database, Brand Advertising as well as to fulfill employment related compliance solutions. Launched in 2007, AJE has become one of the fastest growing job portals in the industry. For more information on AJE, please visit http://www.americasjobexchange.com. Please note that America’s Job Exchange is a subsidiary of NaviSite, and its products, services and sales/support models are different from that of NaviSite. Let’s take a look at why the above company overview works:

  • Where do you sit among the competition? Right off the top as a job seeker you will see that this job board is well known by being in the top 12 on-line job search sites, that is something to be proud of and stated clearly. Do you have something to be proud of? Are you a fortune 500 company? Spread the word loud and clear!
  • Back it up with Statistics Being a company which is online it is very important to showcase how many companies use you, and how many visitors and page views you have. This will show a job seeker that you are growing as a company. (A good place to be!)
  • Customize! The above company overview is tailored to the specific job posting (a sales role). You can see this is referenced in how it is stated that we use a different sales model than our parent company. You don’t have to modify every company overview for each position you post but it can make the job posting more personal for the job seeker.
  • Product Rundown By clearly stating key products or services, you can help the job seeker further assess the skills required to work with your company. Include a complete view of products and services to prevent excluding potential candidates who might be a good fit, but may come from another industry background. Our overview shows the various products we offer so if a job seeker was reviewing this they can say “I have sold brand advertising, I could do this.” These details could potentially increase your applies and help you find relevant top talent by expanding your job seeker pool.

If you have more to say about your company that will exceed the couple of sentences I suggest considering a company profile from us. A company profile will allow you to emphasize your business as a top employer and focus on your core values and vision. With a profile you will have the ability to elaborate about who you are as a company with a 200 word description, a logo to increase your brand awareness, a listing of the job postings you have on our site and for job seekers who want to learn more, a link to your career section. This is a great opportunity to increase your visibility to potential employees. No matter how you decide to write your company overview, I hope you can see the benefit of taking a few moments to really sell your company to prospective job seekers. This will only help the job seeker understand who you are, what you are about and why they should want to work for you.

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