You Got Laid Off? Hit the Contacts!

There are experiences in life that can leave you in a state of shock. One of those experiences is certainly the act of getting the axe! Your hear those words – “We are going to have to let you go” and it starts in motion a wave of emotions – shock, denial, heartbreak, acceptance, next move. So what is that next move? Well, the first thing you should do is gather up your contact list (which you should have been building all along) and let everyone know that you got laid off. Yes, that is correct – don’t beat around the bush, tell the truth and it will set you free. If you were part of a massive lay-off, you have nothing to be ashamed of at all. It wasn’t based on performance, it was based on raw numbers – and you made too much! Tell your contacts a little bit about what you didat your previous job and how your skills might be of value to the next company.

Don’t beg, just put the facts out there. Also let them know that you are willing to try out the consulting option if that is completely necessary. You want to keep all your options open when you first start the job search. It could easily be a few consulting gigs that help bridge the gap from one full time job to the next –and make the financial impact a little easier. Don’t send your resume in the first email to your contacts – it might get kicked into junk mail. Suggest that you can send your resume in the next email – most of the time you will get a positive response, especially from your own contacts. So once you send out the first email, bring that resume up to date – get it ready for lift-off! Contacts are the most effective way to get back on your feet quickly, so if you have a deep rolodex of contacts use them and use them wisely.

Often times if you hit the right contacts during this critical time, you can most likely grab a few consulting hours to keep things afloat. Then when you start the consulting gigs work hard to prove your worth. This is a test and you must pass it with flying colors –your future depends on it! Remember, you control your destiny and when the odds are against you –don’t panic. Instead, hit the contacts! Tyler Toby VP, Advertising & Business Development

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