Why should you stop the proposed transfer of the .jobs domain to Employ Media

Most employers devote only a portion of their corporate website for careers, and are limited to leveraging best in class search and social marketing to effectively bring their job openings to the job seekers. So, it makes sense for a company with the URL ‘ourcompany.com’ to also buy a domain called ‘ourcompany.jobs’ to build a recruitment site to attract job seekers by using state-of-the-art search and social media. This should help individual companies market their jobs better, and hopefully job seekers will also have a better time searching for relevant jobs instead of going through each company’s main websites. But, it didn’t take long for some folks to figure out how to exploit this simple concept and create an unfair business situation.

A for-profit business called Employ Media, LLC, allegedly owned by a so-called non-profit ‘Direct Employers Association’ (how does that happen?), figured out a way in back-room deals that gives them almost monopolistic power to do just about whatever they want with the .jobs domains. In a nutshell, if their pitch to ICANN holds, they would own any domain with a .job extension and can launch millions of websites covering every geography, profession, and/or job category to flood the internet and virtually disrupt the on-line recruitment process as we know it– unless of course businesses and niche job boards are able to pay hefty sums and able to buy from them. This is a monopolistic business model at its best! However, it is definitely not good for employers, job seekers, job boards, and anyone else related to the industry. This eliminates competition through back-room deals, and thus violates the fundamental principles of a free marketplace. That is why I have joined hands with IAEWS (International Association of Employment Web Sites) and other concerned parties to urge you to write to ICANN to stop this effort.

Please read the blog from Steven Rothberg, CEO of CollegeRecruiter, who has articulated the issue in greater detail and has provided a template to help you write to ICANN. Rathin Sinha, President

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