Should You Relocate?

Pros and Cons of RelocationIn today’s job market, it can be difficult to find the position you want in your current area. When this is the case, maybe it is time to consider relocating to find a job in a new area. Relocation is an option that has several positives and negatives, and you should think carefully before making a big decision. In her article “Pros and Cons of Relocation” Jessica Holbrook Hernandez illustrates the complications that can arise from relocating for a new job, as well as great alternatives to physical relocation. Find out what Jessica has to say on the following:

  1. Stories of people for whom relocation didn’t work out
  2. Lifestyle changes that may come up as a result of relocation
  3. Alternative options to physically relocating for a new job

Relocation can be a strong option if you can’t find a great job in your current area, but sometimes it can have undesirable consequences. So, if you haven’t read it already, be sure to check out “Pros and Cons of Relocation” now, and best of luck with your job search! Check out the Career Articles section on America’s Job Exchange for more great career advice.

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