AJE Reporting Helps Clients Through Audits

It has become commonplace for clients to prove to federal auditors that they are successfully posting their jobs out to the appropriate state employment agencies. This, of course, is the responsibility of the federal contractor – to make sure that their jobs reach the state workforce agencies. And it is the job of the America’s Job Exchange Customer Care team to make sure the proper reporting is in place to assist AJE clients through audits. With the aid of AJE’s comprehensive reporting, clients are sailing through audits. Occasionally, the AJE Customer Care team assists the client directly in cases of large data requests.A great example of the AJE Customer Care team assisting with a large request occurred just a few weeks ago. A client alerted the AJE Customer Care team about an intensive audit they were undergoing. This client posts jobs primarily to 5 states and the auditor needed to first see the AJE report showing that their jobs were successfully sent to these states in the year 2009. This report was quickly provided to the client.

Next, the auditor needed to see the exact data feeds that included these jobs – with the time-stamps intact. This turned out to be over 1000 separate pieces of data – each representing a unique job posted by the client to the states during this time period. Within a few hours, this data was collected from the vast AJE database and presented to the client for the auditor’s review. Word came back that the client had made it through the audit – thanks to the AJE data. Another job well done by the AJE Customer Care team! This was certainly a larger than normal request for the AJE team. Typically, auditors look for a few samples of data files and not the entire dataset for a calendar year. But, for the AJE team, no request is too big. It is our goal at AJE to make sure each client has the info they need to assist them through audits. This particular client was also under a deadline to produce this data to the auditor – a very typical constraint in the current compliance space.

However, with many years of experience behind them, the AJE team knows that the minute a custom request comes in, the clock starts. They are prepped for this kind of pressure –it comes with the territory. In fact, each member of the team is tested internally for response times to make sure the service maintains the high standards that AJE clients have come to expect from the market leader in helping clients with OFCCP compliance. Our OFCCP compliance services are used by hundreds of the most respected brands who find the America’s Job Exchange solution as the most comprehensive and trusted in the market, not to mention the flexibility, price advantage and the peace of mind.

A big part of this trust and peace of mind comes directly from the valuable job that the AJE Customer Care team does day in and day out. Please reach out to our Customer Care team anytime by sending an email to customercare@americasjobexchange.com. Tyler Toby VP, Advertising & Business Development

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