Go Above and Beyond the Basic Requirements for OFCCP Compliance

In my last blog, OFCCP Mandatory Job Listing Requirements Simplified, I talked about the VEVRAA/JVA mandatory job listing requirements. Although the actual requirements are very simple there is an expectation from the OFCCP that Federal Contractors go beyond the basic job listing requirements. At the recent National ILG Conference, I had the opportunity to speak with a few OFCCP Compliance Officers. During my conversations, it was made clear that the OFCCP is encouraging contractors to reach out to local community organizations that cater to the Disabled and Veteran communities. It was also emphasized that while another great step is utilizing niche job boards that cater to these communities, like our partners Hire a Hero or AbilityLinks.org, a key component, in the opinion of those officers, was how much a company is reaching out to local community organizations.

In light of the OFCCP’s expectations, my suggestion to all contractors is to market your business and career opportunities to local organizations that cater to Veterans and the Disabled within the communities that you do business in, regardless of what third party vendor you may be using to distribute your postings. As with all activities, proper record keeping and reporting of these activities is essential to help demonstrate that your business is making every effort to recruit qualified candidates from these protected groups.

These additional efforts can yield many benefits for your business. For example, this can create brand recognition and loyalty within your local community. It can also bring people with diverse backgrounds, skills and points of view to your company, enriching your business with new ideas and perspectives. Utilizing a job board like America’s Job Exchange provides you with a time-saving solution for your mandatory job distribution requirements which can enable your company to reach out to local community organizations and go beyond the minimum requirements. If you would like to learn about how America’s Job Exchange can help your business comply with OFCCP’s mandatory job listing requirements or if you have any other questions or comments please email me: aklapman@americasjobexchange.com.

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