Notes from the ILG Conference: A Must-Read for Federal Contractors

The America’s Job Exchange team was in Las Vegas earlier this month exhibiting at the ILG National Conference. While there, I was able to attend many of the sessions and speak to customers and industry experts on compliance. Here are a few key takeaways that I wanted to share. Increase emphasis on hiring, retaining and promoting Veteran and Disabled employees. Patricia Shiu, Director of the OFCCP, states that the OFCCP’s goals are to improve recruitment of disabled and veteran candidates by federal contractors. In her keynote speech, Shiu highlighted the struggle of high unemployment rates in several groups, specifically among disabled job candidates[1].Feedback from our clients reaffirms this, as we have found that audits are increasingly focusing on this facet of OCFFP compliance.

We highly recommend that all federal contractors strengthen their outreach efforts towards these communities. Create a result driven recruitment program to reach and attract veteran and disabled candidates. While job distribution to the appropriate employment delivery system is an imperative, the OFCCP is also encouraging companies to be proactive about getting their jobs in front of veterans and disabled candidates. Your emphasis on this demonstrates to the OFCCP that your company is going above and beyond the minimum to reach these groups. Positioning your jobs in front of local veterans and disabled organizations along with promoting your company’s name as a welcome mat for these communities will help to distinguish your business from other companies that do not put these programs at the forefront of their recruiting initiatives. Creating this type of a recruitment marketing campaign can show OFCCP that you are serious about hiring from these groups.

America’s Job Exchange (AJE) is a market leader in diversity hiring and recruitment compliance services. We offer several products and services that can assist you strengthen your outreach efforts to meet the requirements of this new emphasis of OFCCP. AJE can help you to recruit qualified candidates, proactively brand your company as a leader in diversity recruiting, and distribute your job postings to the proper employment delivery systems. AJE also provides complete reporting to verify that postings are being distributed.

AJE’s hiring, branding and distribution solutions are the choice of many of America’s most admired brands, and are also recommended by leading recruitment agencies. Call 1-866-923-6284 to speak with one of our consultants to learn more, or email to Visit us online at Rathin Sinha President


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