Interviewing Tips, Part 1

How can you highlight your accomplishments during an interview? How do you present yourself during an interview? How do you answer questions most effectively during an interview? In Part 1 of Interviewing Tips I will discuss each of these topics:

1. Identify your accomplishments before you go on an interview. Knowing what you have succeeded at in the past can prepare you for questions you will be asked during an interview such as “What have you done in the past that makes you more qualified for this job?” Having some thoughts already put together on this can make for more thoughtful answers and a better interview overall.

2. Don’t let your guard down. No matter how friendly the interviewer is, you must always remember that she/he is not your friend. Each interviewer you speak with will have a different personality, some more friendly, some less, but don’t forget that you are there to be evaluated by that person and want to present the most polished, professional version of yourself.

3. Answer the interviewer’s questions in a direct and concise manner. When you are nervous, you might ramble a bit or try to over-explain an answer. Instead, let the interviewer ask more questions if they have them. If you provide simplified answers to questions, the interviewer will dig into the parts they feel are important. Still have more questions about interviewing? Keep an eye out for other blogs written by me for more interview tips.

If you are looking for more jobs to apply to, search for jobs on America’s Job Exchange. Good luck on your interviews! Dom Feroce Director, Inside Sales

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