Why 2011 Promises To Be A Turning Point In Your Job Search

2011 has just begun, and with the new year comes reason to be optimistic about the job market, as well as your own job search. While, on the surface, the current employment market looks bleak with a 9.6 percent unemployment rate and over 15.1 million jobless Americans, there are positive signs moving forward. There have been 11 consecutive months of job gains in the private sector, showing steady improvement. Job cuts slowed significantly throughout 2010, with the total number of 497,969 being down 60 percent from the number of job cuts in 2009. According to the latest ADP Report of 2010, private employment gains in the month of December totaled 297,000.Also, according to a recent survey of about 2700 employers by LinkedIn, many seem willing to hire immediately. 28.5 percent of employers who answered the poll said that they would hire more workers immediately, and another 25.6 percent planned on hiring within the next 3 months.

A late November survey by CareerBuilder found that employers plan to hire more in 2011, and that the job growth will be gradual across various industries. 24 percent of employers said that they planned to hire full-time permanent workers in 2011, up from 20 percent in 2010 and 14 percent in 2009. The top area where a large percentage of employers said they will be hiring is in sales (27 percent), followed by information technology (26 percent) and customer service (25 percent). So, despite the current challenges, economists are optimistic about positive growth in 2011. Recent government measures such as President Barack Obama’s $858 million tax-cut compromise with Congressional Republicans put more cash in the hands of consumers. Many economists believe that this has led to a surge in consumer confidence, setting the stage for broader economic gain. What does all this mean for you, as a job seeker? Here at America’s Job Exchange, we encourage you to be prepared and maintain your positive outlook. Take some time to reflect on your skills, and how they might be desired by employers.

Polish up your resume, and use all the free online tools to make sure that you are not missing any opportunities. Signing up for “Job Scouts” at America’s Job Exchange ensures that jobs which match your interests will be delivered to your email box every day. Also, make sure that you customize your resume for specific types of jobs, and save multiple resumes for use in your application process. Best wishes from all of us here at America’s Job Exchange – and get started with your job search today.

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