Enhance Your Recruitment Efforts with Our New Local Community Distribution Network

We at America’s Job Exchange are pleased to announce the launch of a new job distribution channel targeted to local community based organizations, reaching across the entire nation! This new, expanded network targets organizations who work with Americans within the disabled and veteran community as well as other disadvantaged groups. We are very excited about the opportunity to help our customers reach out to these local organizations in an effort to help them enhance their recruitment efforts to these groups, as well as help meet their OFCCP/EEO obligations. In an effort to create direct relationships with these organizations, it is important to remember that OFCCP recommends that Federal Contractors also reach out to organizations themselves within the local communities in which they conduct business.

OFCCP refers to this activity as “linkage”. It also appears that moving forward OFCCP may be placing added focus on an individual business’ “linkage” activities. Therefore, it is my recommendation that all Federal Contractors consider beefing up their outreach to local organizations in communities they do business regardless of any distribution channel a third party vendor may offer. These direct relationships can offer a business outstanding opportunities to enrich their organizations with a unique pool of diverse qualified candidates eager to take advantage of opportunities they are presented. Please feel free to reach out to me with any comments or if you would like to discuss further: aklapman@americasjobexchange.com

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