The Job Seeker’s Guide to Online Job Search

Launching a job search can be a daunting task for anyone, whether you’re a transitioning veteran job seeker, looking to change careers or a novice. The Web is peppered with scores of job sites, referral tools, networking sites, social media, and job search engines. Sifting through these tools and deciphering which ones are the most aligned with your goals is important when beginning your search. Without a clear focus, this will lead to confusion and could keep you from securing your dream job. Here is our guide to devising the most effective job search strategy.

1) Begin with realistic goals. Give yourself plenty of time to create a strategy, complete each application and follow through on every lead. A job search takes a lot of time and effort.

2) Outline a daily plan of attack. Your job search is a job in its own right. Crafting a daily schedule will help you decide how many hours a day you want to spend searching for jobs vs. how long you can devote to the application process. like America’s Job Exchange recommends at least two hours of searching (depending on how many sites you are registered with) per day.

3) Find your targets. The Web is home to many excellent job search resources. Generic job boards like Monster, CareerBuilder, and HotJobs fall under this category. While these sites have thousands of job listings, they receive massive amounts of applications by recruiters daily.

Niche job boards liked ours focus on a targeted audience – we cater to middle-income, non-executive job seekers only. Choosing a nice job boards means your resume has a better chance of standing out.

4) Apply, apply, apply. Once you’ve outlined your ideal targets, the legwork begins. You will need to register on the sites you selected. Register with AJE today

5) Keep detailed notes. Every time you apply for a job, make a note of it in an Excel spreadsheet or document.

6) Follow up. Whether you send a text, thank-you note, or email, it’s always good to follow up with the recruiter you’ve spoken with. It can often give you an advantage over other candidates.

7) Stay positive. It’s easy to get discouraged during your job search. Having a mentor or seeking advice from a professional with your ideal career can keep you on track and supply you with a healthy dose of encouragement.

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