ICANN rules breach of .Jobs charter by Employ Media along with Direct Employers Association (DEA) and SHRM.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) issued a breach notice today to Employ Media, along with alliance partner DirectEmployers Association and its sponsoring organization The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). The notice stated that they “failed to operate and manage the .JOBS TLD (top level domain) in a manner that was compliant with the .JOBS Charter.” For those not in the job board or recruiting industry this may appear to be an insignificant event; however, this is an issue that had the potential to impact every employer that looks to recruit not only via online job boards but potentially their individual brands.

Beginning last summer, The Dot Jobs Opposition Coalition, of which America’s Job Exchange is a member, along with hundreds of other organizations, have been seeking a transparent process for the expansion instead, Employ Media, DEA and SHRM to solely have the ability to manage thousand domain names ending in the .jobs suffix which would mean that organizations looking to register and promote their employment opportunities using the .jobs suffix could potentially not be able to do so as the domain could already be registered within those managed by Employ Media. For instance, .jobs could already be registered and in use without your control and/or knowledge. I had discussed the issue in more detail in an earlier blog. Since ICANN has ruled that the usage of .JOBS Charter is a violation of ICANN regulations, the .jobs domain will continue to be available for registration and cannot be used to operate independent job boards.

Click here for a copy of the letter from ICANN to Employ Media and SHRM.

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