Interviewing Strategies for Women

In our second series of articles in celebration of Women’s History Month, let’s focus on interviewing strategies women can employ. As we noted last week, women are a great economic contributor to the work force, making up close to 50 percent of the labor market. Currently about 8 percent remain unemployed. While this is below the national average (8.9%), women of all ages and job titles have been deeply impacted by the economic downturn and are seeking employment. As women embark on their job search, a stressful endeavor as a whole, one of the most stressful parts can be the job interview itself. The recruiting experts at America’s Job Exchange offer some strategies.

  • Be prepared. Although preparing for an interview can be hard work, before you step through the door do the research. Internet savvy women should use the Internet to read the latest press releases, about company info, product literature and financial statements, if available. Research the company’s competitors. Going in with a general understanding of the company, its products and competitive landscape will give you a much needed edge, as well as provide countless questions for hiring managers.
  • Get social. Looking at the way the company positions itself via its social networking platforms will help determine if this is the type of company that it a good fit for you. It also opens the door to discussing questions about the work environment with hiring managers and human resources in general. This is a good opportunity to highlight how well you will fit in with their work environment.
  • Be motivated. It may sound rudimentary, but showing that you are motivated is a huge selling point. Many a candidate will meet with hiring managers with an attitude of “I just need a job.” Set yourself apart. Showing job motivation can manifest itself in many forms, including showing a general motivation to work, highlighting your past work experience as a template for the job at hand, to suggesting new ideas and concepts based on your research.
  • Improve your skills. Hiring managers are not only interested in candidates that have the educational experience required of the job, but also those that are continuing to improve their skill set. Highlight areas of self improvement. This can be anything from online courses you are taking, to general interests and hobbies you enjoy. Well-rounded employees create a more dynamic workplace and hiring managers look to these types of candidates to fill their job openings.
  • Dress for success. As women, our personal style is reflected in the way we dress. When preparing for an interview, however, less is more. Consider the type of company and dress accordingly. Dress in a conservative manor. Do not wear too much jewelry, and keep your make-up to a minimum.
  • Be confident. Showing that you are organized, can balance your responsibilities, and produce a good work product is the best approach to any job interview. Best of luck

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