Women and Careers, Fields in Which Women are Beginning to Dominate

In the third of our series in recognition of Women’s History Month, let’s look at women and careers. Below are careers that women are beginning to dominate. These careers, some of which have been traditionally dominated by men, were compiled by the Department of Labor’s Women’s Bureau and reported recently by Forbes.com.According to the report:

  • Accounting and tax preparation positions are gearing more toward females versus men, with positions such as accountants and auditors as 61.8% female; financial managers as 54.7% female; tax preparers as 65.9% female, and tax examiners and collectors as 73.8% female.
  • Financial fields are beginning to be dominated by women as well. According to Forbes.com (based on the Women’s Bureau data), women account for 54.7% of financial managers, 59.3% of budget analysts and 62.8% of insurance underwriters.
  • Communications and social areas continues to be highly dominant in the female career arena, with 83.3% of women serving in meeting & convention planner roles; 56.5% of women in advertising and promotions; and a large proportion of women serving as elementary school and middle school teachers, 81.9%.
  • Healthcare, including higher-level medical positions, have women advancing their dominance. Women account for 68.8% of psychologists; a whopping 92% of registered nurses; and of the veterinarians in the U.S., women account for 61.2%, as reported by Forbes.com.

According to the Women’s Bureau, the occupations that are anticipated to have the highest growth; however, do not concentrate on professional experience but short-term on-the-job training. Examples of these are: computer software engineers, retail salespersons; child care workers; executive secretaries and administrative assistants; customer service representatives; home health aides; waiters and waitresses; and post secondary teachers.

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