Hiring Guide for Small Businesses

For any small business, the hiring process is critical to not only attract the one or two job candidates that will make up the core of your business, but also maximize your recruiting dollars to bring in only the best candidates available. Here are some hiring strategies that the small business owners should keep in mind while looking to fill open positions.

  • Referrals. With budgets limited due to business size or economic factors, small business owners should look to current employees not only as an important referral source, but also as candidates for internal positions – whether they be promotions or lateral moves. Individuals within an organization are usually the best source of talent or talent sourcing, as they can make referrals for other job applicants.
  • Online job postings. One of the most affordable methods to recruit candidates, developing an online job advertisement is still the best use of limited budgets. You can target who you want to advertise to, such as specialized groups or diversity candidates, and also reach hundreds of job seekers with a single posting. The job description should include the job title, the appropriate department name, and the person to whom the new hire reports. The first paragraph should encapsulate the job expectations, with a bulleted list of duties and responsibilities following. This will be the most important part of your job description, because the information here will determine who finds your job posting in searches. Include specific key words that you know the right person searching for your job will enter, such as entry-level marketing associate, or executive administrative secretary
  • Ask customers. Sometimes your customers are the best source of recruiting talent. Inform others about your hiring needs and be open to referrals from customers themselves, who may be able to line you up with candidates with the specialized skills your business requires.
  • Local schools. Whether you are seeking applicant with a specific education or trade employees, look to your local institutions to source employees. College students are a good source of part-time jobs or entry-level openings, while vocational and technical schools can line you up with job seekers who have specialized trades.
  • Get Social. Social media is a great way to network and promote your business, with customers, clients and potential employees. Use online networking to expand your candidate sourcing pool and let job seekers learn about you, your business and easily connect.

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