Start Early – How to Prep for Seasonal Staffing

With the summer months approaching many businesses are looking for seasonal staff. This may be due to current staff not being able to fill holes in your schedule, or needing to ramp up for seasonal fluctuations in business. Whether hiring part-time or full-time staff, for businesses looking to hire seasonal employees, the key to success is to start early. This will ensure that you hire the best help and also that you are well prepared for the seasonal rush.

  • Start early. Review your sales plan. Look at last year’s sales and also assess your daily needs. This will help determine how many additional staff members are required. The earlier you start the easier it will be to fill job openings with good candidates.
  • You still need good candidates. Whether you need to fill time slots for a few week or a several months, you still need to hire the right people for your business. When interviewing candidates, look to those that have flexibility and a willingness to lean. Seniors are an exceptional source of talent. They not only have the flexibility you seek, but also bring experience and confidence. College students are also good seasonal staff members. Like older workers, they have flexibility and because they are beginning to dip their toes in the labor pool, may be ready to work hard and learn.
  • Have your online ad ready. Always purchase job postings in bulk so that you can post at a moment’s notice, especially if you manage a business that experiences ebbs and flow in sales that require last minute staffing. Proactive recruiting is especially effective on college campuses where there is always a talented pool of job seekers looking for part-time or seasonal jobs.
  • Spread word-of-mouth. Chances are that you and other members of your staff have friends in their own personal network that are looking for a seasonal job. Ask around. Tapping into your employee network is an easy way to instantly connect with qualified job seekers.
  • Keep the best seasonal staff on notice. Keeping the bench warm with seasonal staff that you hire year over year is the best way to staff up at a moment’s notice. This also means that you cut down on training as you are looking to people who are pre-trained. Having a list of go-to people that are available when you need them is the best approach for any business that depends on seasonal staffing.

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