OFCCP extends the deadline for Public Comment on the VEVRAA NPRM

So what does this mean for the contractor community? It means you will have an additional 14 days until July 11th 2011 to voice your opinion. According to Mid-West Regional Director Sandra Zeigler, there have only been a small number of comments submitted to date and this is the one and only time the contractor community will have a chance to show OFCCP the real impact the proposed rules can have on their businesses. There are a number of rules that will significantly increase the burden of work required to meet the new regulations. Affirmative Action Plan submission will just be the tip of the iceberg – there are increased record keeping and data gathering burdens as well as requirements to drive a more “intimate” relationships between state job listing agencies, veteran’s groups and employers.

Specifically at issue are the estimates OFCCP has included to describe the amount of time and dollars each of the changes could cost contractors, but many industry experts feel these estimates are woefully under what reality would dictate. Don’t wait! If you have not read the proposed rules…do it now…do it today and be sure your compliance team has an opportunity to let OFCCP know the real impacts to your business. Click here to access Regulations.gov http://www.regulations.gov/#!searchResults;rpp=10;po=0;s=ofccp You can find the actual Notice of Proposed Rule making at http://www.gpoaccess.gov/fr/ search for OFCCP

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