As President Obama meets his promise for troop draw-down in Afghanistan and the Middle East, more and more veterans will be re-entering civilian life. These individuals will need to earn a living and live productive lives…some with permanent disabilities. It’s critical that diversity hiring is part of all business’ hiring strategy, and specifically, ensuring the men and women who sacrificed their lives for U.S. causes, be given any and all opportunities to fulfill their working potential. To help ease the transition from military to civilian life, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs launched our ongoing commitment to getting veterans back to work, America’s Job Exchange has partnered with Now, our robust, specialized Veterans Career Exchange will be featured on and provide a diverse network of job sites, articles and tools to help veteran job seekers match military skills to civilian occupations. For AJE’s federal contractor customers this means a direct link to protected vets and just one more way to expose job openings to these critical candidates. This comprehensive site offers services including:

  • The transition from military to civilian life both from a personal and career perspective
  • Information and resources regarding the return to continuing and beginning their higher education
  • Resources to assist Veterans and their families with activities to enhance living and day-to-day independence
  • Resources to help Veterans and their families adapt to their communities is an excellent resource for federal contractor employers to engage with any planned veteran’s outreach programs. Bookmark the site today and be sure to include this it in all your affirmative action plans in the future.

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