Are you looking for a job this holiday season?

Forecasters are predicting flat holiday sales compared to last year (3.5 percent vs. 3.8 percent increase), or $250 billion in sales generated for the holiday season. While many look at this forecast as tepid, retailers still make anywhere from 25 to 50 percent of their revenue during the holidays through year-end, and many still will be looking to staff up. In fact, more than 600,000 seasonal jobs will be added through the months of November and December. If you’re one of the many looking to capitalize on holiday staffing, here are a few tips to follow to help move the process along. Retail will do most of the hiring. If you’re looking to secure a jobthis holiday, think retail.

Go to any shopping center and walk around – you’re bound to see job postings right on retail storefront windows. Walk in, visit retail web sites, check local job listings – the goal is to start early and apply early. Apply in person. Most retailers accept in-person applications. Walk-in and fill one out. Ask current employees if openings are anticipated. Also scour job boards that will have postings listed specific to seasonal and temp hiring. Look to those who deliver. This means, look to companies like UPS and FedEx who will do the bulk of their consumer deliveries during the busy holiday timeframe, especially with more consumers doing their holiday shopping online. It’s not unusual for these companies to hire tens of thousands of temporary staff to gear up for holiday deliveries. Holidays means more temporary job openings.


Think travel and hospitality, or any endeavor that brings in more business during the holiday time-frame, i.e. vacation resorts and ski lodges. Visit these companies or look for postings online. Offer your house or pet sitting services. The holidays are one of the busiest travel times of the year, and many families do not want to leave their homes or pets un-attended. This is a great opportunity to scour your network for anyone looking for either a house sitter or pet sitter for the season. Start now. Do not wait for after Thanksgiving – like shopping – to get on your holiday job search. Seasonal hiring ramps up early and staffs up quickly. Start today.

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