At AJE we understand an OFCCP audit is a burden on federal contractors. Proving your open job opportunities are listed with the appropriate state employment agencies is just a small part of the overall audit, so getting relevant reports related to your job’s distribution can help minimize the work you need to do in this area.The AJE Reporting Portal is your source 24/7 for all the proof you need to show your jobs are being listed with the appropriate state employment centers and personnel. Currently, you can run reports based on specific date ranges that will show you directly where your jobs have been emailed.

Our new detail reports list not only the OneStop center receiving your jobs, but also the specific individuals such as veteran’s representatives and OneStop career counselors who have seen your jobs as well. Coming soon (to be released by early 2012) you will also be able to see specifically which diversity partner sites receive your jobs via daily feed, and see how your jobs are doing in terms of traffic. Watch for these changes in the near future! Remember, we welcome your feedback, so as you use and get comfortable with our Reporting Portal, please be sure to let us know what you think and how we can continue to help you survive OFCCP audits.

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