If You Need Assistance with an Audit…Call Us!

These days being audited is not a matter of if…it’s a matter of when. And while you’d like to assume each audit will go smoothly and all the data that you have been meticulously tracking is in order, chances are OFCCP will find something to question. Job listing tasks, while seemingly straight forward and simple may at times be brought into question and there are a number of ways AJE can assist you and your compliance team in ensuring you pass through your audit with flying colors. First, be sure you are familiar with the AJE Reporting Portal. This invaluable tool allow you to run reports of where your jobs have been distributed to, and to who the jobs were sent. By selecting specific date ranges and locations, you can tailor the report to track specific jobs or groups of jobs listed with the state employment systems.

If you run into a situation where an OFCCP auditor is pushing back and needs more information, remember, you can contact the AJE Customer Care department at customercare@americasjobexchange.com or by calling 866-926-6284. You can also contact your sales representative directly. Either way, the team at AJE stands ready to contact state One Stop Center offices, talk with the OFCCP auditor if necessary and provide you with the full back up you need to pass your audit. It just takes a simple call and we will mobilize to get you all the information you need.

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