Veteran Medical First Responders

President Obama recently related a story about a combat medic who earned a Bronze Star. This individual was instrumental in saving a French soldier’s life from a gunshot wound to the head, and was also instrumental in saving 42 people from a flooding river. However, when this soldier returned home to Wyoming he could not get a job as a first responder. Nick had to enroll in classes he was qualified to teach just to get the civilian accreditation he need to get a job in his chosen field.This challenge prompted the White House and President Obama to create new initiatives that will align military accreditation requirements with those for nursing programs and medic training. This will allow military medical personnel to easily qualify for jobs in the civilian workforce.

Healthcare providers will benefit from the intense training and experience these vets receive during their combat tours, and returning vets get back to work sooner to start leading productive lives as civilians. The America’s Job Exchange Veteran’s Exchange, can help returning vets quickly identify jobs their military skills match and helps Employers showcase jobs that are best filled by individuals with these skills. Look for legislative changes in January 2012 giving priority to nurse training programs that serve veterans when awarding grants.

In fiscal year 2011, these nursing training programs awarded more than $102 million to schools of nursing and other training programs. And be sure to check out AJE’s Career Artictles section for more information on the veteran employment outlook.

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