America’s Job Exchange, one of the premier diversity recruiting web sites, and OFCCP compliance service provider, is pleased to announce the most recent update to our robust job distribution service. AJE distributes jobs to all corners of the U.S. to ensure our customers meet the OFCCP requirement to list federal contractor jobs with the appropriate state agencies. Now when OneStop offices and veteran’s representatives (LVERs and DVOPs) receive our job distribution email they see a clickable list of job titles, where the employers offering the positions and the location where the job is offered.

This new format is further enhanced by AJE’s ability to tailor the job list by zip code so that only the most relevant jobs are being delivered. AJE has been the leader in helping employers recruit quality, diverse job candidates and now we ensure individuals working one-on-one with job seekers at the state level can quickly and easily communicate job openings.

On-demand Reporting at Your Fingertips One of the most important pieces of information you need is where your jobs have been distributed to. The AJE Reporting Portal allows recruiters 24/7 access to critical information about job distribution. Simply select the date range, and location to run reports to show you not only which OneStop centers have received information on your job openings, but to also see specifically which individuals within those offices received your jobs.

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