The Obama administration has issued a challenge to Community Health Centers – hire 8,000 veterans in the next 3 years. “The health reform law provides funding for community health centers to serve more Americans and hire more workers. Additionally, HHS will ask centers to start reporting on the number of veterans that they employ. The Departments of Health and Human Services, Defense, Labor, and Veterans Affairs will work together to connect veterans to the health clinics’ job openings. The National Association of Community Health Centers will also contribute to this effort and joined the Administration in announcing this Community Health Center Veterans Hiring Challenge,” according to White House Press Secretary.

Health care providers…are you prepared to report on the number of veterans you employ? New standards regarding the recruitment and hiring of veterans are expected to be written into the regulations in the spring of 2012. Compliance officers should be preparing now for this change in record keeping standards. America’s Job Exchange Professional Job Exchange Network for Healthcare Jobs is an excellent way for employers to highlight their healthcare opportunities. Community Health Care Centers provide medical care for economically distressed communities. Since 2009, with assistance from the Affordable Care Act, these centers have added more than 18,600 new jobs to health care professionals.

In 2010 more than 131,000 workers found employment and this includes veterans who filled roles as “Physician Assistants, Administrators, Pharmacy Directors, outreach workers, eligibility assistance workers, and patient support staff and health center CEOs. Veterans who are committed to serving their country and their communities are well suited to serve in a number of capacities at community health centers.

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