You’ve been busy conducting business during the holidays and this has left you no time to coordinate a company-wide holiday event – and everyone is talking about it. Now, you are reconsidering. While you have very little time to coordinate an event, there are still some activities you can pull together, even at the last minute, to celebrate the holidays with your employees. Here are some you may wish to consider. Host an office lunch. This is a fast and simple way to celebrate the holidays with employees.

Many local restaurants will cater last-minute luncheons and have menus specifically for the holiday season. But you have to move quickly and get your team organized. Call local-area restaurants to see who can provide catering. Schedule the date and time, and send out an email to your employees inviting them to lunch. Serve up some holiday treats. If hosting an in-house holiday lunch is not feasible, consider other options. This could be as simple as serving employees coffee and donuts or a breakfast buffet one morning this week. You can also place holiday cookies and other treats in common areas, such as the reception desk and kitchen. Again, send out a company-wide email and let your employees know that these holiday treats are available for their enjoyment. Create a festive mood. Ask employees to bring in their favorite holiday music.

Play holiday tunes in common areas. Suggest an office-wide Yankee swap where everyone uses an item they already have and re-gifts. Schedule some down time during the day and reward your employees for all their hard work by giving them a break to socialize with their office mates in a fun and festive environment. This is a quick and cost-free way to acknowledge the holidays. Postpone your holiday celebration.

If any of the above is difficult to coordinate at a moment’s notice, you can always consider postponing your holiday celebration to the New Year. While this is not the optimal time to host a holiday event, it’s better late than never – and it also gives everyone more time to attend as there is less conflict with other events scheduled in the busy month of December. Acknowledging the holidays with your employees will go a long way, and any of the above ideas can be coordinated quickly. You just have to act now. Happy Holidays.  

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