Most college seniors have had to endure over 15 years of school, in the hope that there will be a great job waiting for them when it is finally over. However, in today’s difficult economic times, there is no guarantee of successful employment upon graduation. Thus, it is even more important for seniors to gain every possible advantage for the post-graduation job search. Here are some helpful job search tips for those who are about to graduate in the spring:

  1. Max Out Your Experience – It is important to show potential employers that you have a lot of experience even before graduation. Try to get an internship in your intended field of work during the spring term. If this is unrealistic, and it sometimes is, focus on your leadership role in the activities you are already part of. Employers value leadership experience of all kinds, so if you can secure a leadership position in at least one of your college’s student organizations, it would look great on your resume. Also, make sure your resume includes all your other important experiences, which can include community service, team sports, and relevant class projects.
  2. Get To Intimately Know Your College’s Career Center – Hopefully you have already been to your college’s career services center a few times before your senior year, since it is there for the sole purpose of getting you a job in your intended field. Some typical services college career centers offer include resume-writing assistance, mock interviews, job-related workshops, employer information sessions, career fairs, and most importantly, on-campus interviews. Swing by to see what services your school’s career center offers, and use it for all it’s worth.
  3. Create Your Own Job Search Plan – Map out the rest of your senior year month-by-month, thus creating a broad strategy and timetable for perfecting and implementing your job search. This plan should include all the sources of job leads you intend to use, including information interviews, your network of contacts, using your college’s career center, and job fairs. It should also include what you need to accomplish, such as finishing up your resume and preparing for interviews. Have a goal in mind, such as the type of job you seek, the nature of the employer, and the geographic location of where you want to live. Creating your own job search plan will be important in organizing the end of your senior year, since it is a hectic time in life, and everything may seem very overwhelming.

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