Money is not always the main motivation in the workplace – and oftentimes providing cash incentives is not an option. Most employees would agree that a steady paycheck, while vital (why else would we work?), ranks alongside a personal sense of accomplishment and respect from peers and superiors alike as key workplace motivators. If you are looking for ways to motivate your staff – outside of the standard monetary incentive, here are some tips you can use to keep your employees engaged. Make employees feel involved by keeping the lines of communication open. Keeping your staff up-to-date on recent news and progress of your business will catch their interest, and more importantly, garner a sense of ownership amongst them.

Employees who feel that they are an integral part of a team are much more inclined to make suggestions or help you solve work-related issues you may mention to them. Building a sense of inclusion – communicating that all employees are vital to your business success – is even more necessary in today’s global workforce. Provide constructive feedback whenever possible. All employees want to feel that they are being appreciated for their efforts. One way to do this is to provide them with feedback. This can be in the form of periodic performance reviews – be sure to schedule at least one formal review per staff each year; however, you can also provide informal updates on a more frequent basis as well. It is also important to adequately manage poor performance.

Unfortunately, it’s fairly common for employees to never receive feedback for mistakes, resulting in a sense of indignant, but justified, awe in response to a delayed disciplinary review. Making your employees aware of issues, and most importantly, giving them the opportunity to correct them is equally as important as making them aware of extraordinary achievement, and honoring it appropriately. Challenge your employees. No employee should suffer under-stimulation in the workplace; it’s vital to set not only challenging, but also realistic goals to be achieved. The best approach is to develop a work-plan for each employee where you can communicate the specifics of the goals that must be attained, as well as keep them updated on the progress toward their goals.

Furthermore, it’s important to provide employees with the necessary tools to adequately perform to avoid any frustration. These are just a few suggestions to keep a motivated workforce, which is incumbent on much more than a simple pay-raise. Keeping the cogs of your business turning smoothly involves constant communication between you and your staff. This, as well as a specifically outlined set of goals, will ensure that your employees are consistently challenged and passionate about their work.

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