It may sound counterintuitive, but does your boss have the traits to help you succeed at your job? This is a complex question, rarely yielding a simple answer. Despite the inherent “gray area,” there are several considerations to be questioned that may accurately determine whether or not your boss is a good fit, and will ultimately help you succeed at your job. This by no way suggests that you absolved of the responsibility of your career success; however, there are several questions you should ask yourself to help you improve – or determine – if you and your boss are a good fit. How is your connection with your boss?A relationship with your supervisor is a very significant one, one definitely worth investing in. It is clearly essential to fulfill your duties and expectations for the job; that’s why you were hired.

But does your boss help guide you, and recognize when you have achieved your work goals? A boss that consistently reminds you of where you stand, as well as commends you for your accomplishments, is a good one. If you are not receiving this essential feedback, ask for it. Similarly, dealing with difficult scenarios or making difficult decisions is a quality essential to any good manager. A good leader’s job is to face and solve problems; whether it’s a difficult conversation that has to be had with an employee, a burdensome task that must be laid upon someone already under stressful conditions, or an unpopular decision that must be enforced. A responsible boss will approach sensitive situations with finesse and professionalism. Assessing how your manager handles themselves under these situations can help you manage and improve these situations.

If your boss tends to lean towards stress, help diffuse the issue by staying calmer. A good boss is one that not only challenges you, but also remains reasonable in his/her demands. High standards and a demanding set of responsibilities are signs of an employer that respects individual achievement and, potentially, provides room and opportunity for growth; however, the same employer must also maintain moderation in its requests. A boss that only operates at either polar end of the spectrum may be difficult to work with. If you find that the demands of your manager are beyond your reach, it may be a good time to sit down with him or her and reassess expectations. Scheduling reviewsand revisiting this crucial area on a periodic basis is essential to job success.

There’s no easy way to determine whether you have a “good” or a “bad” fit with your boss. You must examine your professional, as well as your personal relationship, the standards with which you are measured, and your personal room for growth and advancement in your company to properly determine whether or not the fit is right for you.

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