Data collection and statistical analysis are already important elements of an effective compliance program. But there is evidence that suggests an increased emphasis on applicant data in 2012. Are you prepared? At the upcoming AILG Conference in Phoenix, Arizona on April 17, Rathin Sinha, president of America’s Job Exchange, will recount some of the signals indicating that the OFCCP is taking applicant data more seriously. In his presentation, Rathin will advise employers on the necessary steps to adjust their recruiting efforts and selection strategies in order to meet the expected changes in requirements.

“Recently the OFCCP has increased its push for data collection and statistical analysis, and the result has been more frequent and acute exposure of instances of violation,” explains Rathin. “Our clients know how committed AJE is to helping them navigate OFCCP compliance requirements and addressing their needs with comprehensive solutions. We are happy to share some of that advice with AILG attendees.” Rathin will explain why it appears the OFCCP has expanded the scope of data collection in compensation analysis, applicant recruiting, and the hiring and selection process. He will point out what types of data recruiters should focus on, how AJE can help quantify data in the applicant tracking and recruiting process, and why mastering the applicant data pool may well be the secret to compliance success.

The AILG Conferencetakes place Tuesday, April 17 at the Black Canyon Conference Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Rathin’s presentation is scheduled for 10:00am. If you are a Federal contractor attending the event, this is one session you can’t afford to miss. Get your questions answered by the AJE experts.

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