The 30th annual National ILG Conference and Expo opened last week with an exciting show filled with music, drums, and of course, the ‘Hula’ at the Hilton Waikoloa in the big island, and followed through for the next few days with a long list of speakers and presenters in workshops, presentations, speeches and panel discussions covering a broad range of issues and questions that are at the top of the mind for every practitioner in the HR and recruitment compliance field.

Over the years, the ILG national and regional chapters have developed an excellent forum that brings the OFCCP, the federal contractors, and service providers together, which has proved to be extremely valuable for everyone. This year’s conference, appropriately themed ‘Ho’okele: Navigating the New Regulatory Landscape’, is a critically important one as the whole contractor community and service providers anxiously await the final decisions on changes in the regulations that the OFCCP has proposed. It has been several months since the public comment period ended and now contractors and service providers are anxious to know the end results.

Although no one returned home with a clear sense of timing for any changes, the hot topics of discussions were centered around changes in the scheduling letters, data collection for compensation and adverse impact analysis, and finally, outreach for the veterans, and individuals with disabilities. Numerous presentations and panels were dedicated to cover these items, and the quality of discussions and audience participation were high. Another topic that has been drawing interest is the application of the regulations in the construction industry where historically, participation of women has been low.

America’s Job Exchange was, once again, a proud sponsor and exhibitor at this year’s conference. It was a great opportunity to discuss with customers and prospects and understand their concerns, challenges and opportunities at first hand. This is also a great opportunity to showcase the enhancements in our job posting, outreach and reporting solutions and obtain direct feedback. This time I consistently heard from our users that our recent release reporting solution is the absolute best in the industry, and that it has been instrumental for customers to navigate successfully through audits. In addition, I also had the pleasure of hearing from federal contractors on how our posting and distribution enhancements have given them the peace of mind knowing that they are going beyond good faith effort and using the posting and outreach solutions to get real candidates.

What else can be more rewarding? I couldn’t feel more proud for our team.

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